Why we seem not able to control greed and fear?
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Archive for November 2009

An amateur global investor weekend study list

Being an amateur investor using global macro strategy for the past few years, below is the list of resources that I will go through every weekend before formulating global investment strategy for the next few weeks

Bonus : Jim Sinclair’s MineSet (daily read) - gold, one of most important investments for the next decade

P.S I am sure there are many other excellent resources for global investment. Due to limited time and brain bandwidth, I will keep the list short :-)

Kuala Lumpur LRT Property Search Engine

Search engine for properties for sales and/or rent near Kuala Lumpur LRT stations

Kuala Lumpur search engine for jobs near LRT stations

A search engine for jobs in areas near Kuala Lumpur LRT stations. For example, if you are looking for Java job near Kuala Lumpur LRT stations, enter “java” in input field. Good luck!
Kuala Lumpur search engine for jobs near LRT stations